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In Jul 2008, I joined a program which educates participants on personal financial management via in-house simulation game. Two months later, I began my journey of helping others to gain money as well. Since joining me, none lost their money with my guidance.

How could they lose their money with my guidance when I am having gains, unlike the PIPs and other stuff? Every participant will gain money with guidance from me.

Strangers who joined me have come from as far as USA, UK, New Zealand, ... Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong ... and from Singapore, of course. 

Even until now in 2015.

Well, ... financial matters are better explained via direct correspondence. This program WILL improve your lifestyle financially.

You can always contact me to see the records of gain ... .

In 2011, I found a reliable and very cost effective web-hosting service provider and I transferred my website to be hosted by the new company. Instead of paying US$4.95/mth ... I pay less than US$24/year for unlimited domain, bandwidth and diskspace. If you wish, you may visit this provider here for your web-hosting. 

The web-hosting service won't improve your lifestyle financially, but it will save you some money if you have a website.

You can always contact me by clicking here. I shall keep your personal information confidential.


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